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Duino Starter box (PREORDER)

Duino Starter box (PREORDER)

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PREORDER LISTING - Shipping starts on the start of July (possible delays or faster shipping).

Starter box includes:

  • Official standalone Duino "Starter" (ESP8266-12E/F) (multiple Starters can be joined together with the upcoming Duino HUB)
    • Custom official code
    • OTA enabled for wireless updates
    • "Reset to defaults" jumper
    • UART + Power header (compatible with the upcoming Duino HUB)
    • Onboard 3.3V filtered voltage regulator
    • CC-complaint USB type C for power
    • Onboard blue LED
  • Mini zin / instruction booklet / schematics combo
  • Duino-Coin "Starter" keychain
  • Special account status upgrade
  • Lifetime miner support

Moreover, you can customize your order to get additional stuff:

  • Extra GPIO version for your future projects - IOpro
  • Extra PL2303 USB 2.0 <-> UART programmer
  • Extra USB to USB Type C cable

Made in Poland 2023.

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